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Did your customers sexually harass you at a service job? #MeToo

Trigger warning: This essay contains descriptions of sexual harassment and assault. I see him around often, the man who sexually harassed me or men that look just like him. Honestly, most men look just like him because people like this man are generic. There was nothing special about his face, his hair, the clothes he chose to put on his body for a day of sexually harassing a 20-year-old girl at her job in a grocery store. But it is his stature that haunts me. It is his presence that I see aro

Gina Rodriguez just proved her IRL relationship with Jaime Camil is even better than their fictional one

We always hope that co-stars love each other IRL. When it comes to the Jane the Virgin cast, we don’t have to wonder. This crew is constantly showing support for one another on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Gina Rodriguez is particularly good at spreading the love. Yesterday, she took it to the next level in honor of her TV dad, Jaime Camil. To celebrate Camil’s birthday, Gina Rodriguez gifted him — and us — a carousel of hilarious videos starring the two of them. The Instagram album is ad

Twitter and Rashida Jones helped me embrace my Blackness as a biracial person — no, really

I don’t look like my mother. My mother is short, blonde, and very, very Irish. I am much taller and have a bigger frame, even from a young age. My hair is soft and curly and mousy brown. My hands are big, my feet are big, and my skin is not very Irish. Though I was raised single-handedly by my white mother, I have never considered myself white. My father is a Black man — Black and Sicilian, if we’re getting specific. He is quite a bit older than my mom and was an afro-sporting, bell-bottom jean

How group text messages cured my loneliness

Group text messages used to be weird. They used to be clunky and obnoxious and invasive. They used to come from people trying to plan things with other people whose phone numbers you did not have in a system that was not set up for multiple users. Less flawless than a three-way phone call, group text messages used to just be, well, annoying. And then, one day, they weren’t (my iOS bias is showing). Shortly after moving away from each other, my former roommates and I sucked my friend/their olde

What I learned when I reunited with my father after 16 years

As I write this, Elvis Presley is crooning in the background. I’ve always been drawn to his voice for one main reason: My father really, really loves Elvis Presley. My parents split up when I was young. We moved from California to Washington when I was three, leaving my dad behind. I was too young to understand any of our reasons for moving. I grew up without a father, aware that he was ~somewhere out there~ but completely in the dark about his life, or why we weren’t with him. My mother was a

7 technicolor heels we need to light up those summer nights

There is nothing like a pop of color to take your outfit up a notch. This summer, we are a bit obsessed with super-bright or technicolor heels. Even if you stick to a strict black-on-black dress code, technicolor heels are the perfect addition to bring the summer style to your wardrobe. Wear any of these adorable heels to the office, to date night, or to a day with the girls. Each of these heels we have selected will help you bring in the summer spirit. Technicolor! How can you not love technic
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Best Spring Break of Your Life: 10 Destinations for Every College Budget

We are quickly approaching spring break, arguably the best time of the year. If you are planning a trip this year, there are some hot spots you can’t miss if you want to have the perfect vacation. Though Cabo is always a good time and Padre is pretty predictable, this year we’ve found even more interesting places to consider for your escape from campus. Here are some of the hottest spring break destinations for you and your pals. Gorgeous views, warm weather, perfect beaches — isn’t this what

My mother never made comments about my body — and for that, I will always thank her

My mother never made comments about my body — and for that, I will always thank her I’m not a skinny person, and though the implications behind that word today are better understood, I grew up in a time before “body shaming” was a phrase, before we at least attempted to make human beings of all sizes feel like they belong here. But I always knew I was not “skinny,” even as I shied away from the word “fat” — partially because it felt harsh and cruel to me (though this is not how I feel about the

I graduated college in the height of a recession — and lived to tell the tale

About two months before I walked across a stage to graduate college — the first person in my immediate family to do so — I was told by an academic advisor that I should prolong my graduation if possible. “Take more classes, double-major, find a minor. Prolong if you can.” But let me back up. Though I was graduating college, I barely knew what the phrase “economic recession” meant — besides being familiar with obvious examples like The Great Depression. But I had no idea just how affected I wou

HelloGiggles gave me a place I belonged and helped me launch a career as a writer

That is to say, I found HelloGiggles when I was in a very hopeless place. Though I had maintained a personal blog for quite some time, I had never been “published” in print or online before. I came across HelloGiggles because I am a huge Zooey Deschanel fan and, as I read the pieces on the site, I was inspired to submit because I felt like it was very like a place I (and my writing) belonged. The first thing I ever remember reading on HelloGiggles was Anne T. Donahue’s “Old Lady Movie Night,” a

Inspiring “Brighter”: Jessica Tholmer | The Women Take Over

I am a woman. I grew up very poor, not just lower middle class. I grew up without a father, and with a mother who was forced to prioritize her three jobs over her children that she was struggling to support while balancing her individuality. I am the only girl, constantly surrounded by three boys and all of their male friends. I am biracial—my father is a Black Sicilian, my mother an Irish Scot. I was a first generation college student. I am not skinny, but I’m not fat either. I am a Democrat. I

HelloGiggles Asks 5 Writers "Why Do Girls' Voices Matter in the Media?"

As people ask where the young feminists of tomorrow are, activists and writers like Shelby Knox and Lindy West have stated the answer loud and clear: they're on the internet. So, in honor of International Day of the Girl — formally recognized by the United Nations on October 11th, 2012 — MAKERS thought it'd be best to go directly to the source. HelloGiggles, a positive online community for women, is a hub of emerging women's (and men are invited, too!) voices. Founded by Zooey Deschanel, Molly

How Lou Ferrigno's Childhood Disabilities Made Him a Real-Life Superhero

Above all else that Lou Ferrigno is known for, he is a real life superhero. Not simply because he played one on the big screen in The Incredible Hulk or The Avengers. Nor because he has held the Guinness World Record for Youngest Mr. Universe for 40 years! But rather because within his own life, Ferrigno has overcome every obstacle thrown his way. Ferrigno suffered a series of ear infections when he was an infant, causing him to lose 75 percent of his hearing. That disadvantage made the star an

Everything I need to know, I learned from Lemonade

I was reluctant when I first heard about Lemonade. I am not very gimmicky when it comes to music. I like to have an album release date and I like to buy that album in CD form and on my phone, if it’s worth having in multiple mediums. With the hush, hush nature of Lemonade I was worried, but completely without reason. Once Beyoncé’s visual album dropped, and the world spontaneously combusted, I realized just how unfounded my Bey worries were. Indeed, it now seems that everything I need to know I learned from Lemonade.

10 Tips For Managing A Long Distance Relationship

A long distance relationship is undeniably hard. Anyone who has been in one knows how much work they require (and anyone who has not can probably imagine how stressful and confusing—and trying—they may be). The good news is, millions of people have been in a successful long distance relationship, which means you have a shot at making it work. Being in a long distance relationship can be quite exhausting. Here are a few tips to help you strengthen your relationship and keep the spark alive: Tho

Everything I need to know, I learned from my brothers

I have three brothers, which is something I have said (and written about) probably 100,000 times in my life. I have three brothers and I love each of them uniquely and much more than I love most people on this good ol’ planet. Each of my brothers has made me the person I am today and I know that is the corniest thing to say, but it’s really true. My brothers have shaped how I feel about everything from politics and race, to my taste in music. Without them, I’d be nothin’ but a ball of sadness.

Everything I need to know, I learned from Jane Villanueva on "Jane the Virgin"

Jane the Virgin is my absolute favorite show. It’s the perfect combination of all of the things that I love: diversity, strong feminism, humor, and so much telenovela. I grew up watching soap operas so I am always here for intense drama — and Jane does that well. But most importantly, Jane herself solidifies the show’s amazingness. Allow me to say that Jane Gloriana Villanueva is one of the best characters to grace our screens in a long, long time. Let us learn from her. It’s okay to be a virg

11 Best Friend Gifts For Any "Just Because" Moment

Since Valentine’s Day is in February, most of us consider February to be the “month of love.” One thing more people need to realize is that “love” is all-encompassing. The word “love” does not have to imply romance—you can love your family, your friends, your pet, your boss, your dentist, and lots of other people in your life. Why don’t you celebrate your friendship? Why not celebrate your bestie and buy some best friend gifts. Here is a great guide to some excellent best friend gifts for the h

It’s True, Going To The Dentist Is Scary –

I am lucky that my teeth look pretty good, considering. At best, professionals knew I should have had braces. At worst, if you put your head in my mouth, you would know I needed some work. (No one ever did that, obviously.) My family was very poor. Not frugal, or budget-strict, but really, really poor. My mom was (well, I mean, is) a single, stubborn, depend-on-no-man type of woman (I wonder where I got that from?) with four kids. Now, as an adult, I have absolutely no idea how she did it. Groc
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This week we’ve been discussing strong female voices  in the media that come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. These women are strong, funny, intelligent, entrepreneurs, mothers, film makers, writers and innovators. We’ve compiled a list of twitter handles that belong to a few of these women role models so that you can keep up with what they are doing: We’d love for you to leave a comment telling us which women you find to have a positive, powerful impact in our society that may be missing
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